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Legacy Rodent Control offers rodent removal services that save your home from destructive pests, removing them and decontaminating areas of damage to protect your health. Fully certified and insured, our team provides the highest quality rodent and animal removal your area has to offer.

We offer a disinfecting fogging treatment that allows us to reach deep into impacted areas to eliminate the pheromone scent that attracts another colony of animals. A significant benefit to our fogging approach is that the majority of the time, your insulation does not have to be replaced, which saves you money.

Although our fogging treatment is effective in most cases, there are times when rat and rodent damage is severe, and insulation must be replaced. We offer remediation and insulation replacement services to treat these cases-protecting your health and home.

For professional rodent removal in both the Dallas and Fort Worth and New York/CT area, let the experts at Legacy Rodent Control help!

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Years of Experience

LRC has mastered animal removal in Dallas-Fort Worth with 10+ years of industry experience.

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Our Rodent Control specialists have been through extensive training and can take on projects of any size.

Licensed & Insured

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Legacy Rodent Control in Dallas-Fort Worth will guarantee its work and stand by its industry-leading 2-year warranty.

High-Quality Products

We use high-quality products that ensure that animals removed cannot re-enter your home.

Fogging Process

Pheromone scent will always attract another colony if it’s not properly broken down.