Attic Decontamination

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Attic Decontamination in Dallas-Fort Worth and NY/CT

When animals infiltrate your Dallas-Fort Worth or New York/Connecticut home and turn it into theirs, time is of the essence in getting them out—and our attic rodent control services can help.

Each type of pest brings with it unique problems, so it takes an expert educated in each specific animal and what it takes for their removal, as well as guaranteeing they never call your home theirs ever again.

One thing common to all rodent pests is they always contaminate the place they inhabit with their waste—causing thousands of dollars in damage. In many cases, their waste brings along disease-causing bacteria. Many animals also physically destroy your environment by tearing out insulation, gnawing on wood, and chewing through wires.

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Attic Decontamination Services in Dallas-Fort Worth and New York/Connecticut

Once rodents and animals enter your home, they will often take shelter in your attic. Legacy Rodent Control offers experienced attic decontamination in the DFW and NY/CT area—returning your home to a safe, healthy, and rodent-free environment. We will start by removing any nesting sites found within the contaminated insulation in your attic. Legacy Rodent Control will then use a HEPA filter shop vacuum to remove any rodent or animal feces.

Once completed, we will use a three-phase fogging treatment to completely decontaminate your attic.

This three-phase attic decontamination fogging treatment is specifically designed to:

• Eliminate any harmful effects of the feces and urine
• Eliminate any foul odors, as well as break down and rid your attic of the pheromones that attract animals back to your home.
• Exterminate insects (such as mites and fleas) that may have been brought into your attic.

If your attic insulation must be removed entirely, Legacy Rodent Control will also use our three-phase fogging treatment to cleanse and decontaminate your home’s bare attic space before blowing in all-new fiberglass insulation.

For professional attic rodent control and attic decontamination services in the Dallas-Fort Worth and New York/Connecticut area, contact Legacy Rodent Control today!  

Don't Delay

If left untreated, this damage has serious health implications for your home and family. Legacy Rodent Control recognizes the urgency of your situation and works to remove pests quickly, and decontaminate and cleanup your attic, giving you peace of mind.

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