A rat is sitting on the ground near some trash.

Rodent Removal Myths to Squash for Good

In the colder months, many homeowners discover that their property has become a refuge for rodents like mice, rats, squirrels, and other types of wildlife. These pests aren’t just annoying; they can also cause health concerns, while the damage from animals like these can be expensive to repair. If you’ve been wondering whether it’s worth it to invest in professional pest removal, you might have already dismissed the idea due to pervasive myths like the ones outlined in this post. Here are just a few rodent removal myths that should be squashed for good.

MYTH: Rodents Are a Sign of an Unsanitary Home

A lot of people believe that dealing with an insect or rodent infestation automatically means that the home in question is completely unsanitary. Although it’s true that many rodents are attracted to dirtier structures with easy access to food, you don’t need to live or work in squalor to worry about a pest problem. If mice or rats are able to find their way into a nice, warm building that offers some type of food source, they’ll be inclined to stay and enjoy what there is to offer. Keeping a clean home can help to deter certain pests and rodents, but it’s not a guarantee that you’ll keep them at bay.

MYTH: Your Pet Will Keep These Pests Away

Your cat may be a good mouser, but that doesn’t mean she’s a good alternative to a pest removal professional. She might monitor one point of entry and stay busy chasing a lone mouse all day. But if there’s an outright infestation, your cat or dog won’t be able to do much to stop it. What’s more, rodents can often come into your home undetected, especially if they’re able to get into the walls or a crawlspace. Ultimately, pets are no match for rodent removal services, especially if you’re dealing with more than just one creature.

MYTH: the Best Way to Catch Mice is With Cheese

In cartoons, cheese is the food of choice for mice and rats. But in real life, this isn’t their first choice. Rodents are actually more attracted to foods with high sugar contents, like chocolate, cereal, peanut butter, cookies, or dry pet food. That said, setting conventional traps isn’t the most effective way to deal with an infestation anyway. Leave trapping to the rodent and pest removal professionals.

MYTH: Unwanted Rodents Will Go Away on Their Own

Assuming that mice and rats will simply get tired of living in your house sounds like a nice idea, but it’s simply not realistic. For one thing, these pests don’t have much incentive to leave. Secondly, rodents breed incredibly quickly, which means that ignoring the problem can just make everything 10 times worst. Two rats living in an ideal environment could turn into a population of 482 million rats in the span of three years. With that gross statistic in mind, you should ignore the problem at your own peril.

MYTH: Poisoning Pests is the Best Course of Action

Some homeowners believe that using rat poison is the best option. It may be effective in some cases, but it can also cause additional problems. Because rat poisons take several days to take effect, it’s possible that these rodents will end up dying in the walls of your home, in the attic, or in other spots that are difficult to access. Rather than going outside, they’ll make their presence known in the form of a foul odor. Dead pest removal is just as unpleasant (if not more so) as hiring a professional to take care of the issue in the first place. The situation will be much more manageable if you turn to the experts from the start.

If you suspect you’re dealing with a rodent infestation, don’t rely on DIY methods or delay in seeking out professional help. For more information on our services, please contact us today.